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Message from Your ACHE Regent
Winter 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

I hope that your winter has been a good balance of enjoyable memories, time to reconnect with friends and family and a time to ready for another exciting, challenging and opportunity-filled year.

My term serving as your Regent will end at Congress this year, so this newsletter is my last. I am excited to be handing the reigns to my friend and colleague Karen Moore, FACHE. Karen serves as the senior vice president of operations and CNO at Lawrence General Hospital, she is the former president of our chapter, and has a very impressive healthcare leadership career.

Karen is a kind, compassionate and thoughtful colleague who believes in finding the best in people, resourcing them to be their best and then celebrating with them individually and collectively as they improve the healthcare environment they are working in. Many of us have learned much from watching Karen model leadership over the years and I look forward to supporting her as she takes on this role for our chapter. Thank you, Karen!

Spring is about to bloom, I promise…

Most cultures and faiths have some shared beliefs that this is a good time of the year to clear out the old and prepare for the new, or at the very least dust off, clean up, and get ready for new growth or something different.

I love the natural order of the world – it reminds us that change is constant – the seasons, the tide, the weather (especially here in New England!), and yet more often than not most of us seem to resist change. We remain stuck in current behaviors and attitudes that are no longer serving us. Stuck in leadership beliefs and actions that are not getting us, or those we serve, the results that we want.

So why not take a little time to dust off and spring clean our own leadership? Reconnect with your purpose and the difference you are trying to make in healthcare, and remember that you are surrounded by people eager to help…

Congress is coming and so is our chapter dinner!

ACHE Congress (Chicago, March 26 – 29) is a terrific time to reconnect and “dust off” with colleagues and friends from around the country and around the world. This year’s theme is, ‘Be Part of Something Bigger’ which certainly feels like an invitation to grow, expand and open up to those eager to help.

As in years past we are excited to welcome a large number of student representatives to Congress this year, if you plan on attending, please make a point to welcome those that may be first time attendees.

We will be hosting our MA Chapter Dinner on Monday, March 26 at the Seven Lions Restaurant. You should have received an email invitation. Please let Donna Powell or I know if you have not. We would love to see you there. 

Mentorship never stops

If you’ve read one of these notes in the past, you’ve heard me talk about the value of finding “tribe”. That group of colleagues and friends that share your values, believe in similar things as you do, and are, like you, committed to making a difference in healthcare. One element of tribe that can support both the giver and receiver is mentorship.

Our current program is in full swing (October 2017 – April 2018) and as always is proving to be a superb opportunity to learn, grow, give-back, and explore what success looks like. Both mentors and mentees come out better. If you’re interested in learning more – email the program at

Spring Conference is blooming

In line with this theme of change and reorientation - our Spring Conference this year will focus on organizations and individuals that are successfully implementing changes and creating ‘The Future of Health Care in America’.

Our keynote speakers are Troyen Brennan, MD (CVS Health) and Patrick Gilligan (BCBS of MA). Expect an engaging and thought-provoking discussion that will invite each of us to disrupt and think differently about the future.

Hold the date, Friday, May 4 and register soon! See you there!

Thank you!

My term as your Regent is coming to an end and I want to thank you for the opportunity to have served; it has been a real privilege.

In ACHE terms Massachusetts is a relatively small state, but I can tell you we are a power-house when it comes to performance, reputation and accomplishments. This is in large part due to our chapter leadership.

Donna Powell -  Thank you for your tireless commitment to the chapter, for keeping us all on track, and for diligently making sure we are always ready for our meetings, conferences and the myriad other events that you are always “all over”. Thanks Donna!

Andrea Paciello, FACHE - Thank you for your calm and creative leadership. We are a stronger chapter because of your oversight and vision. Thanks Andrea!

Jack Bailey, FACHE - Thank you for showing and going the way as my predecessor. I was warned that yours were huge shoes to fill, and as expected there is no way I came close. Thanks for everything Jack!

Our board - You are a terrific group of committed and forward-thinking leaders that many other chapters are appropriately envious of. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

You, our members, students, Fellows and sponsors - Thank you for the opportunity to get to know many of you, hear about what works and what gets in the way, and for the chance to be your voice with ACHE. Thank you for all you do to improve healthcare each and every day, for your commitment to leaving this field better than you found it and for your friendship, collegiality and leadership.

See you in Chicago!

With love and respect,


Richard H.L. Corder, FACHE, MHA, CPXP
Regent for Massachusetts

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